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Priority Pediatrics Of The Palm Beaches

Urgent Pediatric Care in West Palm Beach: 50% off for Spectrum 360 Community. 

In a remarkable initiative to support the autism community, Priority Pediatrics of the Palm Beaches has joined forces with Spectrum 360 to offer telehealth and in-home visits for children with autism at half the regular price. Dr. Corinne Althauser, the dedicated founder of Priority Pediatrics, is passionate about serving the unique needs of the autism community and views this partnership as a heartfelt way to give back.

Through this collaboration, families can access high-quality healthcare services specifically tailored to children with autism. Telehealth appointments are available at the affordable rate of $75, providing families with the convenience of remote consultations. For those seeking in-home visits, the cost is exceptionally reduced to $250, making comprehensive healthcare more accessible. 

Dr. Althauser's commitment to the autism community is reflected in her desire to bridge the gap in healthcare services and create a supportive environment for families facing the challenges of autism. By partnering with Spectrum 360, Priority Pediatrics aims to ensure that children with autism receive the care they need, reinforcing the belief that every child, regardless of their unique circumstances, deserves the utmost attention and consideration.

This collaborative effort emphasizes Dr. Althauser's dedication to making a positive impact on the lives of children with autism and their families. Priority Pediatrics of the Palm Beaches and Spectrum 360 are proud to offer these specialized services at reduced rates, demonstrating their commitment to enhancing the well-being of the autism community in the Palm Beaches and beyond.

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