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Cathy Sharp & Raine Sharp, Spectrum 360

Cathy Sharp


Cathy Sharp is a visionary advertising professional who has made a lasting impact on the industry with her creativity, dedication, and compassion. With over two decades of experience in advertising, Cathy has carved her path to success by creating meaningful campaigns and founding her advertising agency, CTA Media.

In a pivotal moment of her career, Cathy took a leap of faith and founded CTA Media, a boutique advertising agency known for its innovative strategies and client-centric approach. Under Cathy’s leadership, CTA Media has become a driving force in the advertising world, consistently delivering exceptional results for clients across various industries.

But Cathy’s story doesn’t end with her professional accomplishments; it is her profound personal journey that truly sets her apart. Cathy is not just an advertising maven; she is a dedicated advocate for autism awareness and support. Her life took a profound turn when her beloved son, Raine, was diagnosed with autism at the tender age of two.

This life-changing moment inspired Cathy to take action. In 2023, she co-founded Spectrum 360, a nonprofit organization with a mission to provide comprehensive support to children and adults on the autism spectrum. Cathy’s unwavering commitment to creating a world where individuals with autism have opportunities for independence and a brighter future is at the heart of Spectrum 360’s initiatives.

Cathy Sharp is more than just a successful advertising professional; she is a compassionate advocate, a loving mother, and a beacon of inspiration. Her journey, fueled by her son’s diagnosis, has led her to move mountains and break chains, all in pursuit of a world where Raine and others like him can thrive with independence and limitless options. Cathy’s story serves as a testament to the power of determination, compassion, and unwavering commitment to making a difference in the lives of those who need it most.

Amanda Selig

VP & Executive Director

Amanda is a founding member of Spectrum 360 and currently serves as Vice President of the Foundation. She is the CEO of Allwearness, an apparel brand launched in 2023 that celebrates individuals living on the autism spectrum. 


Amanda is a native of Boston, Massachusetts where she was a well-known expert in real estate investments for over 15 years. Her record extends from management of intermediate development assets and construction to personally closing over $400M in third-party residential real estate sales. She has been highly acclaimed by her industry peers for national accomplishments in asset management, sales, negotiations, and business development. 


She and her family took an incredible leap of faith in 2022 when they decided to uproot from Boston and move to Florida for their young daughter to be able to attend a specialized education program at The Learning Center (TLC) in Royal Palm Beach, FL. TLC is a Florida public charter school that operates an extraordinary curriculum individually tailored for each child they serve on the autism spectrum. She often reflects on this moment of moving from Boston to Florida as the best decision of her life in seeing the progress her daughter has made in such a short time.


Amanda found her passion and purpose as an advocate for individuals living with autism and the families, caregivers, and educators who support them. Her experiences, both personal and on a career level, have put her in a unique position to address the needs of the autism community in meaningful and impactful ways. She focuses on the abilities of the community and discovery toward a life of independence and higher education for every neurodivergent individual.

Amanda Selig, Spectrum 360
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